1. Is it mandatory to Prebook your visit?

It is not mandatory but recommended to Prebook your visit, as you can show your ticket on the app at the mall entrance and enter through a separate queue. In the absence of a Prebook ticket and in the possible event of high footfall, you might be requested to wait in a Queue outside the mall, until the footfall is within the maximum capacity of 1000 people to ensure social distancing. 

 2. Is social distancing being maintained in the mall? 

Social distancing is being maintained throughout the mall. We are strictly regulating the crowd inside the premises. At any point, if the footfall reaches the maximum capacity of 1000 we request our guests to wait in a queue outside, as per Government Directives.

3. How do you ensure what is the maximum capacity for Quest?

As per the guidelines shared by the Shopping Center Association of India to the Home Ministry, a maximum of one person per 75 sq ft is safe.

4. How is the mall keeping a count of the footfall inside the mall at any point of time?

We are tracking the footfall real time according to the number of people entering and exiting the mall premises.

5. What is the duration of the pre-booked visit?

2 hours

6. What are the time slots that we can book for? 

We have five slots that you can choose from: 

11 AM – 1 PM
1 PM – 3 PM
3 PM – 5 PM
5 PM – 7 PM
7 PM – 9 PM

7. How many people can be accommodated under one booking?

As of now, we have kept the maximum number of accompanies at 5. However, you can book 2 different tickets which will allow you to enter in 2 groups or more.

8. How can one pre-book their visit?

Step 1 – Download the Quest app
Step 2 – Click on 'Prebook your Visit' button
Step 3 – Read and accept the terms & conditions
Step 4 – Select day and time of the visit from a prompted 7 days calendar
Step 5 – You will receive a Booking Confirmation Ticket 

9. Can the booking be cancelled after the generation of the ticket?

Yes, the guests can cancel upto 30 minutes before their scheduled time slot. They may also choose to reschedule their visit to a different day and time.

10. What is the process of entering with the pre-booked?

  • An ‘Enter the Mall’ button will appear on the ticket 15 minutes before your scheduled visit time. Click on the button to confirm the entry at the mall.
  • The ticket contains a unique entry code which will be verified by the mall security at the entrance.
  • A 2-hour timer will start ticking to keep a track of your time left at the mall
  • GPS tracking shall be used to track your entry and exit to facilitate social distancing 
  • A message/notification will be sent to you if the time limit is exceeded.
  • Tap on the “exit mall” button on the app while exiting Quest.

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