The name SKAI combines the two important aspects "Sky" & "Kai" (Food in Maori). It is a rooftop restaurant and premium lounge which offers the most distinctive drinking and dining experience.

This 4000 sq. ft.  dining space with 120 seats, sets the stage for an experience, comprised of a succession of warmth and glamour. Elegant, Glamorous and Versatile are the three words that define SKAI at its best.

The Culinary Experience at SKAI is an eclectic mix of new age dishes & old school favourites. Inspired by cuisines from across the globe, the menu has options that cater to diverse palates and appetites. With a key emphasis on unique flavour pairings, modern cooking techniques and fun presentation styles, dining at SKAI are surely going to be a memorable experience.

Global trends and Indian flavour influences have inspired the cocktails. All the drinks are made with fresh ingredients. All mixers such as juices, crushes, and syrups are made in house. The cocktails may look deceptively simple but pack in a lot of flavours.

SKAI has an appeal to anyone looking for a lively, vibrant and fun place to drink and dine. With the option of an outdoor and indoor location, it gives the customer a choice to enjoy the place throughout the year.

Mr. Animesh Sarkar
Mon - Thu: 4PM - 12 AM, Fri: 4 PM - 1 AM, Sat: 1 PM - 1AM, Sun: 1PM - 12 AM
033 40333208
Casual Fine Dining

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