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24th June 2021


Won't lie - we are partial towards our patrons! The Quest App hoards a world of exciting, irresistible offers for its users. The list is never-ending, but we still tried to encapsulate ‘em all! Read on, to get a hang of the exclusive app-only offers.

1. Indigo Deli - Deli-cious, indeed!

A Bill Value of just INR 1000 and above at Indigo Deli, will get you 1 delicious Dessert - complimentary! Totally ‘oh-so-sweet’, isn't it?

2. Indigo Deli - This Deli is here to please… your tastebuds!

UnBURden yourself from all that’s pulling you down! Your favourite Deli is offering 1 FREE delicious & juicy Burger on a minimum Bill Value of just INR 1500. Whatcha waiting for? Download the app right away!

3. Q33 - offer for a 32-all-out!

Queue up at Q33 for the ‘brew-some’ experience! 1 frothy & creamy Coffee - complimentary - on a minimum Bill Value of just INR 700! Happiness served hot... and cold! Remember - the offers are for App users only! So download the Quest App!

4. Skai - Making sure you reach sky-high!

SKAI’s App-only offer is one you cannot turn your back to! 2 FREE Cocktails on a minimum Bill Value of INR 3000 + taxes. Isn’t it TWO-good to be true?

5. Bombay Brasserie - Unlock ‘bomb’ deals

1 lip-smacking Dessert or a refreshing Mocktail - on a minimum spend of INR 2,500 at Bombay Brasserie… Always taking care of a complete dining experience - only for Quest App users!

6. China South - is the direction you head to!

When things go south, you go to China South - for their mouth-watering food and offers. A FLAT INR 200 off on a minimum spend of INR 1000. No questions asked! Just keep the app on your phone ready!

7. Masala Kitchen - Kaafi Masale-daar!

Avail a FLAT INR 200 off on a minimum Bill Value of INR 1000 at Masala Kitchen! Fuss-free feasting guaranteed for Quest App users!

8. Yauatcha - Say Yahooo-uatcha!

Yauatcha’s got the finest App-only deal.1 complimentary Cocktail or a Glass of chilled Beer - on a minimum spend of just INR 1500. Hop in and do the cha-cha.

9. Aajisai - for a sweet & refreshing feast

Aajisai says a “Hi!” with a FREE Dessert or Cocktail on a minimum spend of just INR Rs.1,200. Don’t miss out! Just download the Quest App.

10. Tommy Hilfiger - Tommy’s got its offers Figured.

Avail FLAT INR 1000 off on a minimum spend of just INR 5000. Bring out those shopping bags!

11. Calvin Klein - It’s a win-win at Calvin!

Enjoy FLAT INR 1000 off on a minimum spend of INR 5000 only. Load up on your favourite brand - The Calvin Klein, while you can!
Note: The offer is strictly app-only!

These offers have especially been curated for our patrons. Perks, you might call them, but it is our way of expressing gratitude and reciprocating love.

Quest’s only quest is to please its customers. We strive to make our app-users as happy as possible!

See you at Quest.

The ones who haven’t done it already - don’t forget to download the Quest App! ;)

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