who is a trendsetter?

Looking to take your social media and online presence game to the next level?

To be a Quest Trendsetter, you should have a minimum of 5-10K following on each of the social media platforms that you are present on. Your monthly post reach should be above the 50K mark while your average engagement rate should be at least 2%. What will make your case stronger to become a Quest Trendsetter is if you carry 2 years of experience are active weekly, if not more.

Upon meeting the above parameters, you can sign up for the Quest Trendsetter program and have a chance to become a part of an exclusive family. As part of the program, you will be required to promote the brands at Quest on your social platforms and do what you do best! You are then entitled to exclusive deals that Quest has to offer, while you continue to shoulder the responsibility to hold Quest in high regard.